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In Arizona!

The Unforgotten Families is an initiative that brings awareness to medically fragile children and their families. We advocate for the Family CNA Program. This program provides family members with the opportunity to become trained, certified caregivers (CNA’s) for their loved ones at no cost to them or the state. It is available for qualifying families in states where the program has been implemented.

The Family CNA Program is currently in Colorado and is coming soon to Arizona! The Arizona Board of Nursing has created and approved the new title of License Health Aide for the Program. Arizona families are now waiting on the Arizona Governor’s Office to approve the ‘Formal Rules’ for the FLHA Program. Once the ‘Formal Rules’ go through the Arizona Governor’s office, it will also need to go through the Arizona State Medicaid for final approval before it will be available to Arizona families in need.


An Advocate

We are working relentlessly to help solve the nursing crisis medically fragile children and their families experience firsthand. The Family CNA Program that recently passed in Arizona will give family members an opportunity to embark on a new career path– not only for themselves but their loved ones. You can be a part of helping families across the nation get the care they need from the Family CNA Program. By sharing your voice and taking a moment to complete a short form and become an advocate for the program. When you become an advocate you'll be kept in the loop with updates and any roadblocks where action may be needed.