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Companies We Love – Keeping Medically Fragile Children Nourished

The Unforgotten Families is proud to have featured over 10 impactful organizations during our monthly social media spotlight, Companies We Love. These featured organizations are ones that would not only benefit the medically fragile and TUF Community but can help spread awareness to communities near and far. 

In particular, three of the featured companies created products to help medically fragile children receive the proper amounts of nutrients, playing a huge part in the growth and development of our community. 

Whole Story Meals 

Founded by a mother of five, Autumn, Whole Story Meals creates healthy and nutritious real food for tube-fed individuals. 

Autumn noticed early on into her daughter’s life that there were no real food options for children like her daughter, Story Grace. 

“Whole Story Meals are never heat treated, retaining at least 96% of their original nutrients, and are lightweight and easy to carry. With Whole Story Meals, you’ll find convenience without nutritional compromise.” 

Listen to Autumn on The Unforgotten Families Podcast, Episode 14.

FreeArm Tube Feeding Assistant

The FreeArm is an innovative design that can be used to make “IV infusions, gravity and pump feeding easier for families and hospital staff around the world.” 

Created by two loving parents who wanted to better their son’s life, the FreeArm Tube Feeding Assistant is available for purchase by individuals, hospitals, facilities, and providers. Learn more today.

Functional Formularies

This company has not yet been featured on our social media during our monthly Companies We Love spotlight and are making their first TUF Community debut here – however, we are over the moon to share with our readers what Functional Formularies does. 

Functional Formularies creates feeding-tube formulas from plant-based foods and has adult, pediatric, and ketogenic formulas. On their website they are proud to share Stories of Hope from customers and their loved ones. Learn more about them today!

Follow along with us on our social media at #CompaniesWeLove! A huge thank you to our community and the organizations that make it their mission to better this population. We are #TUF.