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Medically Fragile Families in Arizona Can Now Provide Continuous Care for Their Loved Ones

The Unforgotten Families is excited to announce that the Family CNA Program, commonly referred to as the Family Licensed Health Aide (LHA) Program in Arizona, is now available for medically fragile families in the beautiful state of Arizona!

This program is something that we have worked so hard with community members and legislators to pass for families in need, and we are elated to share that families can begin applying to care for their loved one. Through this program, parents and legal guardians of medically fragile children can become certified to care for them, and no cost to them or the state. By becoming an LHA, parents and legal guardians can work through a home health agency and get paid to care for their loved one – something a lot of families were already doing, except unpaid.

What does a Licensed Health Aide (LHA) do?

An LHA provides care for children and young adults who require full-time, around the clock care. LHAs perform their daily tasks under the guidance of a doctor and are the “eyes and ears” for nurses and physicians.

This Family LHA Program will provide Arizona families with the invaluable benefits of:

  • Increased access to continuous care for their medically fragile loved one
  • An opportunity to earn a steady income for their family
  • Reduced re-hospitalizations
  • The ability to help bring a solution to the nationwide nursing shortage

And so much more! With the Family LHA Program, Arizona families can have continuous family-centered support from home health agencies in their area.

Please view the below resource from the State of Arizona and departments involved in making this program a success for medically fragile families.

LHA FAQs | Arizona State Board of Nursing (

If you and your family are currently going through training to become an LHA in Arizona, we would love to hear from you! Post on social media and tag us @theunforgottenfamilies using #FLHAProgram #ParentLHA.