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How The Courageous Parents Network Provides Support

The Courageous Parent Network is an impactful non-profit organization working to provide resources and an educational platform for medically fragile families. 

Started by two families both impacted by Tay-Sachs disease, the Courageous Parents Network was started. 

“Courageous Parents Network was created to share the essential elements of understanding, coping, grieving and healing that we absorbed over the time of Hayden’s and Cameron’s illness, and beyond. Through our programs—Education, Community and Advocacy—we and the generous families and providers who are featured here offer parents the information, skills, tools and virtual support they need during their child’s illness journey, so as to make the impossible possible.” 

Courageous Parents Network

The Courageous Parents Network offers an inspiring Podcast series, a video library, insightful blogs, frequently posts about upcoming events, and has so many other helpful resources and platforms for medically fragile and complex families and individuals. 

Please view some of the helpful links below: 

The Unforgotten Families greatly appreciates the stories shared through the Courageous Parent Network’s platform and encourages families to check them out at sure to check out the Courageous Parents Network on our social media this month, featured as a #CompaniesWeLove, and don’t forget to show them some love!