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Inclusive Halloween Costumes for Kids 

Inclusive Halloween Costumes for Kids

Creativity knows no bounds, and inclusivity takes center stage this Halloween! In this blog, Team Select and The Unforgotten Families are joining forces to share unique and inclusive Halloween costume ideas for kids. Let’s embark on a journey of inclusion, inspiration, and costume magic that ensures Halloween is a joyful experience for kids and adults of all ages! 

Wheelchair inclusive costumes 

For children and adults in a wheelchair, add matching cardboard circles to each side of the chair for a more unique and special inclusive Halloween costume. Sometimes, department stores like Target may sell adaptive costume pieces like the one below. 

Decorating the wheelchair with an outfit allows your loved one to feel extra special when dressing up with their friends. This also allows for a lot of Halloween costume flexibility! This can also be a cost-effective way to continue the creativity on a budget. 

Accessible clothing pieces 

Those with G-tubes, trachs, and other medical intervention devices may require improved accessibility when it comes to clothing. 

Special Kids Company is a great organization offering a variety of inclusive clothing pieces, shoes, socks, bed items, and accessories. Another great organization that creates inclusive clothing pieces is fashiontubies. Fashion Tubies has a beautiful Etsy shop dedicated to fun, creative, and fashionable feeding tube accessories – some even pair great with your loved one’s Halloween costume this year!  

As we continue to talk about inclusive Halloween costumes for kids, we have a few ideas for individuals needing removable and accessible clothing incorporated into their costumes. 

  • Bat Costume 

Dress your loved one in all-black clothing with a removable black bat mask and bat wings that either attach to their wheelchair or on their back. 

  • Butterfly

Dressing up like a monarch butterfly is a simple yet beautiful costume fit for individuals of any shape or size. With an all-black or all-white outfit paired with a set of wings, you’ve grown into a butterfly in as easy as 3, 2, 1! 

Check out this affordable set of cape wings from Amazon.

  • Crayon

What’s cuter than a crayon?! With a crayon outfit, you can DIY or purchase a pre-made costume from a popular department store! Pair this outfit with a cute and easily removable hat for the full effect!

By embracing these creative costume ideas, we not only make Halloween more accessible but also foster a sense of belonging and inclusion for children of all abilities. 

Together, we can ensure that this Halloween is an unforgettable experience for everyone, spreading the message that inclusivity knows no bounds and that creativity can bring us all closer.

Share your Halloween costume with #TeamTUF this year by tagging us and using #TUFInclusiveHalloweenCostumes. We hope everyone has a spook-tacular time!