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Medically Fragile Families – Impactful Moments

As The Unforgotten Families continues to grow to help families across the United States, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some impactful moments from our TUF Advocates, families, and community members. We hope that by sharing these impactful moments, we can help medically fragile families feel less alone. 

Through Moves, Deployment, and Paving a Way for Other Families 

In our second podcast episode, featuring Aveanna Healthcare Area Manager and Army wife, Vicky, she shares how the Family CNA Program was instrumental in changing her medically fragile family’s financial situation. 

“…I became her provider and that was life changing. A lot of our financial difficulties were put to rest because we always seemed to just barely not make it every month.” 

Miss Blake’s Adventure 

Hearing from Missouri mother, Crystal, was an impactful moment for The Unforgotten Families. Crystal is a mother to six children and manages a Facebook page for her medically fragile daughter, Blake, called Miss Blake’s Adventure.

“So, we did not know that she (Blake) had three holes in her heart when she was in utero (the womb).” – Crystal 

During Blake’s 24-hour evaluation, a nurse heard a murmur in Blake’s heart and Blake was sent to a Pediatric Cardiologist to complete further testing and evaluation. At 14 days old, Blake suffered her first cardiac arrest and was not breathing. From the time Blake’s mother Crystal was performing CPR to when she was revived, 45 minutes had passed. 

Learn more about Blake’s story and follow her Facebook journey to see how she is doing today. 

The Impact Series: Series 3

The Unforgotten Families had the opportunity to interview and film Arizona mother, Amy, as she shared what everyday life is like caring for her son, Gage. With Gage’s rare condition, he is unable to go long periods of time without eating and requires around the clock care. Not long after this video aired, families in Arizona were excited to hear that the Family Licensed Health Aide (LHA) Program was passed and is now allowing parents to become paid caregivers for their medically fragile child. This is a huge WIN for families! You can learn more about the Family LHA Program at

Listen to all of the podcasts highlighted above at You can watch our TUF Vidoes and subscribe to our YouTube Channel at

Again, a special thank you to all of the families who have opened their doors and hearts to us to share their story and public show of support for The Unforgotten Families, its mission, and the Family CNA Program.